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Gems Identification Report

Gems Identification Cerification

What is a Gemstone?

AGL (Ananya Gems Lab.) provides Gems Identification Report or Gems Varification Certificate after a thorough testing procedures. Gems go though both mechine and manual testings. We ensure the genuineness of the product. We do test for both loose of mounted gemstone.

AGL assess and scrutinize the properties and characteristics of Gemstone by several parameters like its nature of specimen, description, weight (in grams, ratti and caret figure), measurements, shape, cutting style and colour, transparency, luster, specific gravity, hardness, Refraction, UV-florescence test etc. with state-of-the-art and dvanced testing equipments. We also let the gems pass thought the eyes of expericed gems experts. Then, identity of the stone is determined, whether it is natural or synthetic. We also mention if other things found in Inclusions and comments header of the Gems identifiction report. This documentation are the report of the conclusive result obtained after a full gemmological examination and identification of a material.

We provide you a colored hard-copy of the Gems Identification Report. You can also login into our website securly by your UserId and Password. There you will have online-access of the gems identification report according to report-number.

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